The History of Paintless Dent Repair

The history of Paintless dent repair

Paintless dent repair is one of the best ways of removing those unpleasant dents from the body a vehicle, either steel or aluminum panel. Paintless dent repair or PDR is used to repair various types of dents like door dings, dents and creases, bodylines and hair damages.

Origin of Paintless dent repair

The history of Paintless dent repair dates back to 1930. At that time, Europe, especially Germany was the major hub for big car manufacturing companies globally, and has still maintained its legacy. One of the pioneers in the industry, the Mercedes Benz and BMW, is believed to be associated with the evolution of the modern day Paintless dent repair or PDR. It all started in the car assembling factories of
Mercedes and BMW, when the workers in the factories used to remove dent out with the help regular kitchen spoons. This had paved the way for car manufacture and repair industry to take it to the next level and then the rest is history.

Paintless dent repair in American history

During the 1980’s Paintless dent repair was becoming popular across the car industry and had started spreading its wings through the USA and other economies of the world. Those who are conversant with the history of PDR know well about Nattalio Balderama who incorporated Dent Wizard way back in 1983 in USA, after migrating from Argentina. He was against the idea of straightening a whole car panel and painting it, in order to make the dents invisible.

The modern day PDR has replaced the spoon technique with metal rods that are designed to push or scoop out the dents off the external panel. There is also an extensive use of a special type of glue to pull out dents. Denting requires a lot of skill and expertise for fine tuning the texture of the body, which is accomplished with the help of some advanced PDR tools in the form of reading instruments like LED lightings and fog shields, which helps in going into the depth of a dent and remove it meticulously.

The modern age Paintless dent repair

Just like in any manufacturing industry, where development is inevitable, the PDR and tool manufacturers are foraying into making better tools for the industry every year. The pioneers in the industry are focusing on the methods for strengthening the metals used in the PDR tools. There is also a surge in the demand for DIY PDR tool kits that consists of different accessories and tools for removing dents without the use of paint.

With the extensive use of internet in every field, we can learn how to do Paintless dent repair at home. There are many online resources and software to learn and master the art of PDR in the form of videos and other tutorials.