Q: Exactly how does mobile dent repair services work?

(Mobile) paintless dent repair is a service that is done by using special lighting to view the intricate details of a dent and then from the back of the panel massaging the metal back to its original shape.  We use a variety of different rods, picks, hammers, adhesives and special tap downs are all used to perform this technique.  What makes this service mobile is our ability to do the repairs onsite where your vehicle is.  If you live in Bakersfield, we can come to you.  We also come to other cities and suburbs around Bakersfield.  Please see our list of cities we service.

Q: Does “Pop-a-dent” actually work?

At Bakersfield Mobile Dent Repair, we actually use a different version of the glue systems that are sold on infomercials.  The ones we use are more professional and require years of knowledge and experience to correctly operate. We have seen many different cars come in with more damage because vehicle owners did not use the tools correctly.  There have been dents that were 100% repairable by paintless dent repair that were attempted by DIY customers and these products that ended up being damaged beyond what we could save.  This created much more expensive repairs when they should have simply been more affordable.  Just leave it to the dent repair technicians.

Q: Will the paint on the vehicle be affected?

As long as there is no existing paint damage your paint will remain just like new. Often times minor paint scratches can be buffed out when we are repairing your dent. Chips or deep scratches can be touched up and if you have the paint, our technicians are always happy to help out.

Q: What does mobile dent repair service cost?

It is hard to give estimates without seeing the car and assessing the damage.  We have seen dents in all shapes and sizes and some are easier to repair than others. It will be much easier to just call us at (661) 384-6014 and schedule a consultation so we can give you an estimate.

Q: How do I get a technician to come out to see my car?

It’s very simple.  Just give us a call (661) 384-6014 and we will schedule a time to come out and see you.  We will give you a consultation and an estimate based on the dents and damage to your car.