All About Bakersfield, California

All About Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield is located on southern part of kern country that is California in United States. The city gained a lot of popularity and is known as the largest city in United States. It is said to be the fastest growing region in the nation. Bakersfield California is also popular as the most significant agricultural center. It is said that the population of Bakersfield in the year 2009 was 333,719. The economy of city depends completely on petroleum, refining and agriculture. This place was found by a few families in 1858. They found the place while they were trekking and finding place for their home. And hence the city is named on behalf of Thomas baker who was one of the first settlers in the city.

History of Bakersfield California:

The city was the first one who adopted council manager kind of government. The government had the authority to employ different members of commissions, committees and boards. Also only the government had the authority of setting the general plans for the betterment of the city. The city has gone through many changes but still it retains the reputation of being the main point of hospitality. The place has many things to offer the tourist who visit the place from the entire world. You will find some prominent attractions like the fox theater, museums, kern city etc to make your trip memorable.

Visit the fox theater:

The very first thing that you should when you visit the Bakersfield California is to visit the fox theater. This marvelous and magnificent structure was made by Charles lee. He was the renowned and famous architect of Los Angeles. The theater was opened for general residents in 1930 and the theater is the only symbol of past architectures. The theater has tall arches and many other attractive things to see. At a time around 1500 people can be accommodated in the theater. Watching a show in the theater will give you a great experience and you should never miss this. The theater is the best place to enjoy events, concerts and shows. Seeing a show there means having fun and experiencing the history together.


Hiking is one such activity that all people who visit the Bakersfield should definitely try. It is because it is fun as well as healthy. You should make arrangements to go on hiking sports in the city. You can go in a group or just with your family. If you are not fond of hiking you can even go for swimming. The semi arid climate during the summers makes swimming even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Other places to visit and stay:

You can visit the Jill Thayer gallery in Bakersfield California. They have fascinating displays in their art galleries. You can even visit the museums. Anybody can see the visual arts of museum; they have modern arts as well as the old ones. While visiting Bakersfield you will find many different options for accommodations like the hotels, apartments, motels and condos. The hotels provide with several luxury services and has all the modern facilities and amenities which makes your stay even more comfortable.